A Cat With Urinary Stone, Had Recovered And Likely To Recurrent, Need An Attention If You Love Him.

My beloved cat, Branly, he had checked by the veterinarian, and found out crytalize stone around his urinary tract. He need a insertion of urinary catheter to drain out the residual urine in his urinary bladder. Otherwise, it will be a life threatening effect to a cat.

Without any hesitation, my husband and I agree for the procedure. I had sign the consent form for the insertion of urinary catheter. And we leave him overnight with the veterinarian for the preparation, he need to be clean up and keep fasting because it is a sterile procedure and goes under general anaesthetia. We were allowed to bring him home the next day night after he recover.

According to the veterinarian, the contributing factor of the urinary stone:

Overweight – should be less then 8kg

Solid food intake – low quality of biscuits

Drink no enough water – concentrate of urine

No enough litters – should have 5 litters available for 4 cats

No privacy when go to “toilet” – no mood to “pee”

Dirty litters – clean environment will encourage him to “Pee” more

He came back with the neck collar and urinary catheter, it need to be there for 5 days, to drain out the stone completely. And the neck collar is to prevent him to disturb the urinary catheter. And he need to be isolated from others cat to protect him from further injury.

He look funny with the urinary catheter, the urine will leaks anytime. We need to clean up for him reguraly. Within this week, we need to feed him medication such as antibiotic, vitamin c and supplements for kidney. And encourage him to take more water. It is a tough time for us to take care for him especially feeding time. He don’t like to swallow the tablet. Luckily my husband is strong enough to hold his jaw, and aim the inner throat to let him swallow. No pampered this time. It is hard to him, but is for his own good.

The 6th day, we brought him to remove the urinary catheter. He is so happy. After checked by the veterinarian, the stone is cleared. And to prevent recurrence, we have to make sure he drink more water, get ready More litters for them, and clean up regularly. I forgot to tell you, I have 4 cats at home. Haha. Branly is the most fat cat among them.

Since that time onwards, he become more close to us. He feel the love and care from us to him, especially when he is sick and weak. Before we bring him see veterinarian, he appeared less active then before, keep on maintain the pee position for so long, may up to haft an hour. And no appetite also. Poor little Branly, he had gone through the had time.

Recurrent Of The Urinary Stone

After few month, we saw the same symptoms again. And we bring him to see veterinarian. Branly had a full bladder and veterinarian palpabled and helped him to drain out manually. There a plenty of residual urine that can’t come out by himself.

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