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I am Shyen, welcome to Brain4Cashes,

Where I would like to tell you my legend.

I am a healthcare worker, but seems the salary is not always enough for me. So I start to look for ways to add extra income online. I had tried many times but most of the time I’m failing. I see a lot of websites that claims that can earn cash, by reading the ads, do the survey, referred to others, joined some groups, and what do I got was: wasting my time and energy, because most of them were scams. I did it since I was 16 years old, everything was new to me, who know that’s a scam? The offers were so attractive to me, online can generate income just for me!!!!! I join without hesitation, put money on it, and it ends up with the bankrupt or website appear not exist. Damn it !!!!!!

I had been a waitress, factory operator, assistant pharmacist, salesman and nurse. All these help me to gain multi experience in my life. The pay was low, does it matter to me? There’s Yes and No. Yes, it is the opportunity that offer to me, how can I let it go since I don’t have any professional qualifications. I make money with my own hands, it is tired and ……tired. Even though I was doing overtime, the heart and soul were there, but the body was going to crash. I believe most of you have the same feeling and experience as well. As so much effort I had paid, the salary couldn’t cover the bill for my sickness now. The backache and knee pain are my nightmares now. Now you know why I answer No ……

I was thinking about others way to earn money online, as a part time while I am dragging my body go to work. It could be helpful if my success. And nowadays many people had done it well also. Why I can’t? I meet Wealthy Affiliate, I read the reviews about it. I join the system with free, I ask questions in the live chat group, I got answer by the groups of people there, all are for helpful, to share the information and skills. It is a positive thinking group, with the encouragement and the concern from the Kyle and Carson, the founder of Wealthy Affiliate. I felt blessed, I am lucky and thanks to God. He did guide me here after so much sweat and pain I gave.

Let me help you,

With my experience of failing, I truly understand that the feeling of being cheated  and lies. I now sincerely invite you to join me here, to explore the world of networking. It is easy and simple, when you come to Wealthy Affiliate.

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Give yourself a chance, first step to success

The story is for those who fail, the legend is for those who success. Make your own legend It is not a dream, close your eye and feel, The world of glory is calling you!!!!!!

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to leave the message over here. I am happy to help you up!!!


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