Be a translator or interpreter for the need

Nowadays, most of us are multi language speaker. We can earn extra money by using ours knowledge. 

Example in Malaysia, Some of us even know more then 4 languages: English, Malay, Chinese, Indian, and bumiputera language.


Why not turn your daily speaking language into the extra  income


I found that in some situations,

translator or interpeter for the need is playing an important role.

You can get paid from that, even as a part time to earn some pocket money. According to the American Translator Association, the income can be up to $72 000 for certified translator and $53 000 for non-certified.


 There are certain group of people that might need your help:

  • The travelers or foreigners 
  • The people who speak one language only
  • The new learner for the language 


As a interpreter:

 You can make use of your knowledge to earn money, either you want to be a

Simultaneous interpreters: translate the spoken language spontaneously when the people is speaking

or consecutive interpreters: translate after the speaker stop the conservation.

or sight translator interpreters: interpreted  the written documentation into a spoken language


You can work for the community, conference, health or medical, liaison or escort, legal or judicial,literary,



Community interpreters: 

You can offer one-on-one or in group setting in a community base such as public meeting, social, government agencies, and business. Example: a Chinese educated family need a interpreter when deal with a English speaking lawyer and plenty of legal documentations for agreement of purchasing the new house. This could happen near you and this is chance for you to help and earn money.


Conference interpreters:

For those big company, there are no English speaking staff, if there are anyone who are not understand the language, they can connect to the interpreter to listen to the language that they want through the earphone.


Health or medical interpreters and translators:

You can offer yourself in helping the patient to communicate with the doctor and nurse. Example: the Japanese patient need a interpreter when consulting the doctor, to make sure the message convert clearly to doctor for a correct assessment and diagnosis. 


Liaison or escort interpreters:

You can help those visitors who are language proficiency to communicate during their stay. You may be their guide also to get extra income.


Legal or judicial interpreters:

If you know the legal terminology, you may help for those English proficiency people also. Sometime you need to read the written document and interpreted it into other language. 


Literary translators:

This is the more easy one, You can translate the language from one to another, and get paid for it. You may work at home and earn some money also.



For certain product, you can help to translate the details into your local language. The work may include adapting website, software, marketing materials, user documentation, or others publication for the details of product or services. You may earn an extra advertisement commission from it. 


How to get people know you that you are actually offer the service?

The most effective way is to public it onto the website, make the service clear for the details. The website represent who you are and it connect you and your potential customers. No loss but more benefits with no risk. If you want to know how to make your website beneficial, you are welcome to email me yours question.


I am happy to help you.


What if I have no website?

You may create your own website freely and make your service branded. If you have no website, and you are not plan to give a  huge budget for a designed website,that usually cost more then $1500, you may try to make yours one in Wealthy Affiliate. It offer you to create your own page with no cost, and they are plenty of professional templates well ready for used. You only need to buy your own Domain name with the lowest cost around $13, and the hosting is all yours. It is the most worth package that come with lowest price.