How To Claim Your Rewards

You will receive a notice from PayPal through an email, that Brain4Cashes has sent you cash dollars to you on the payment date!

Brain4Cashes will send the payment to the email that you use to register before you answer the quiz.


Payment date:

Mini Quiz: 1st Month 2018/11th Month 2018/21th Month 2018

Ultimate Quiz: 1st Month 2018




Do Not Have A PayPal account?

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How to receive payment via PayPal?


1) Register A PayPal Account.

You need to use real name that same with your bank account in order to receive the payment.

2) Link You Bank Account.

3) Check Activity To See Any Transcation From Brain4Cashes.

4) Click Accept Payment. The Amount Of Money Will Show Up In The Balance.








Please contact PayPal support if you haven’t receive the money.