Earn money from others video

A lot of us now is earning money from video, but actually it if legally that we can use other’s video to make money also. That is no need to waste your time to make your video, while you are run out of ideas. Haha

No more mumbling, let’s get start.

1. Find a great number of view from the video.

See this video below, this is from BTS, the famous Korean team in the world.


It is more then 1 million view, awesome ! Well done!

2) Repost it with some of the new idea or comment.

Imagine that you own part of the numbers of view,  even though only 30% of it,  it is 45 587 610 views! When you start to get monetise on it, example, $1 for 100 view, then how much will you earn? You will have $ 455 876.1 ! Awesome right?

It is a dream? No really, others do so, and why not you?

I am just know about it, and I am excited to make one also, thanks for the video that share this to us.

Do you know how to make YouTube video?

There is the tutorial from the member of Wealthy Affiliate.

YouTube 101: Make Money From Other Peoples Videos

The steps are simple, and easy to follow. I share it here to benefit those who are not a member, it is totally fine to join or not, but it is free for a long term membership.  I hope you learn something like me today, good luck to you. 

Will you success in once? 

It depend on your 10% of luck and 90% of your hard work also, make it with your heart, enjoy it. Others will see ours effort, it just take time to success! 

Let’s be cool, who know what’s happen next, just do our best!