Get Paid On Writing – Training 2018 – Eaning Huge is not impossible


Are you looking for how to get paid for your writing?

Which freelance work pay you better?

I am interested to know it also, and I had found some useful and helpful articles when I search around.

This are the tips that share by others, with their own experiences in the past. It really inspired me, and give me an idea about how it work, and where to look for. 


Hope you like it.


Understand How To Get Paid For Your Writing 

1) How to Make Money Online – The Process Explained

It explain that how to generate income with the affiliate programs and which affiliate program pay well for the commission.

2) How to Earn Money Writing Online

As what the title is, don’t just write content for your website, but write for some company which pay directly for you writing also. The author share his personal valuable experience about how he get paid. Worth to read.

3) Looking To Pay You To Write For Me!

Here is someone announced in the community in Wealthy Affiliate to hire a writer, to write from him, with the consistent pay check.  This is a long term deal, and your content will get shared to thousands of social media followers and sent out to over 15,000 email subscribers just like the author. 

4) 100+ Websites that Pay Writers in 2018

This is the list that show you which site can pay for your writing. You can choose your own favourite topic and get paid. There are website for travel, for personal finance, humor and so on. 




Understand How To Make Revenue From Google Adsense

I understand that Google Adsense can make a real deal of paying out, no scam here, and who will doubt Google can’t  make a payment? Haha, but actually how to make it work? I write the content and I post it, but it will disappear in the world if no one find it and read it. True or not? I can’t make money if no one click the ads from my site, even through Google Adsense had approved my registration…

So, what I need is to make my site visible to public, and learn how to manage the high pay ads in stead of low pay ads. 


1)  7 Brilliant Traffic Strategies You Must Know in 2018

This is a live video training provided by the couch in Wealthy Affiliate. He has the copy of the video, so that we can review at anytime we want. I found it is helpful,  to increase view in my site. Highly recommended that you can try it out also.


2) Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

Google Adsense is a advertisement inserted in your website, and get paid per click. The author has the experience of getting paid without owning personal website. The author also introduced that you can hire someone to write for you. This is what she did also to spent small money to earn big money.



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