My Delivery Order-FoodPanda Review


Today I had made an order for food delivery. I use to place my order. It was like usual what we had used to it. I confirm my order and made the payment. After I key in the security code, it had been redirected to somewhere else. And the safari showed me that the web page cannot load because it has too much redirection. I was wondering is it considered payment was completed or not. I checked my mailbox and there is no email sent to me after the payment.

So I think that maybe the payment didn’t succeed so I resent the payment again. After the second try, the same problem occurred. I never give up. The same thing I did again, then the same problem came again also. Now I am confused, is this problem come from my phone? I used the other phone and try it again, the same problem came to me also, there are too many redirects that make the page can’t load.


When I was holding others phone and then, suddenly my phone rang. I answer the call, it was called from Food Panda! The staff was clarified with me how many order I actually had done?! I was shocked and surprised! I was thinking how to contact them to get help! Then I had received a call from them! The staff said,” Do you actually had done how many payments for your order?

” 3 times, minimum…, but I only want one, order for delivery only, the rest are multiple trying when I had encountered problems with making payments. ” “I can help you to cancel those orders that you don’t want, and the payment will be returned to you after 20 hours.” ” That’s good, thank you!!!! “

The service is nice right?!

I have faded up with website actually, but the staff sensed my need, and offer help in time!!!

I love it so much.

I will continue to support Food Panda, and give the staff a thousand thumbs up!!!


And, For those who travel to Malaysia, want to try out different food and don’t have much time to travel, may try ordering from Food Panda, which helps you to deliver food from various restaurants and cafe. There are some charges for a delivery fee, but it’s definitely worth it! Then the delivery boys, to send our food safely to save us from starving! God bless you, please be safe while driving also.


I think God had mercy on me, watch me keep trying to pay, again and again. My spirit of never give up had touched him so much, and He sent the angel for me to help me out.

Once again, I have strong belief in this,

There is a miracle when you never give up. You will get what you want if you have coverage to fight for! And what you get are not just the success, you have owned a winning attitude and be a winner as always who you are!!!