New Ideas For Earning Money

Sometimes we do have the ideas or inspirations about how to earn money.

The creative ideas, start what people didn’t do, will be a great chance to earn money!

Here I would like to share my ideas,

to let you see the possibility of being special and great, that actually make you some money also.


We care we share,

we do have the idea but didn’t get a chances or time for it,

why not make it useful and beneficial to others?

  Or you may get a chance to make friends who are agree with you and willing to work together to make the possibility happened.

Works as a team will be more excited and keep you moving, as the team can motivate each other’s.

Example like One Piece, Fairy Tail, Naruto, all these legendary,

which one of them are being to sucess alone? 


If you want to share your idea here either for  yourself or others, you may do it at the comments here.

If it is yours, then it would be yours.

If not, let those who are capable to prove it right for you.

And one day you will see yours, as God will know what is best for you.


And if yours idea has the most “ likes” by others,

please allow me to sent a mystery price for you as a token of appreciation.

I will announce you as a winner of the month and inform you through your email.

        Idea 1:

Be a translator or interpreter for the need