Own A Secure Website

The internet is a world full of freedom and enticement. Every time you are online, you are able to explore everything and anything you want to know. Once google, you can find your answer.

It’s so simple and quick, and It is worldwide and it’s link to everyone and make us all connected. Nothing is impossible here. It can be real or virtual. All depends on your decision about how making use of it.

Everyone has an equal chance to be successful. The new trends nowadays are all about online market. The basis of it is to own a website, just  like you open a shop.

People can view your products through the page that you posted.  People can view your profiles to know you and your company more. People can reach you in the first place for better customer experience service. People can be your return customer once they love your products and services.

For online shopping, simply clicks and purchase it directly at anytime and anywhere they want,  just like I do. I always do online shopping, I can make it even though I am in the toilet. So convenient, see that??

Day by day the online shopping becomes a natural phenomenon all over the world, the choice of payment becomes more advanced, the sales also keep increasing, frequency of transactions money getting higher.

With online shop, you now need to think about rental shop, renovation fee, Staffing, salary, electric bill, good location and so on. Think about no restricted area, no time limit, there are unlimited boundaries, unlimited resources for you to explore your marketing journey.

Almost most of the people now can’t live without WiFi and data. Most of people always in an online status with their mobile phone. This is an opportunity for everyone of you, that make Your chance of success being higher when you easily reach your potential clients.

But why?? Some are still facing the failure.  Problems appear in the management or control of the website, overload of the space, account being hacked, no privacy, personal financial data exposure, website was attacked by virus. All these problems sound familiar to you? And these are the common problems that keep disturbing your online marketing business. It affects the trust of your customer and the sale will gradually less when people feel no more secure when come to your website.


That’s why it is important to own a secure website.

On the Internet, there is no certain law or rule to maintain the security of people. You have to be extra careful when you explore online. The hidden risks are everywhere that you are not aware of. If you are not familiar with the online settings that use information, data code, not use to deal with safety figures, or no, idea about how it’s working, and where to get started

You definitely need a safe and secure website which includes all in one functional figures for you to run your business online, and to get help easily when you need. Sure, you can find your answer when search around through Google. But how many answers that actually really help with your problems, and how far would you understand how to work it up, and anyone actually stand by there to help you around? These are my questions when I want to start my online business.

I am looking around up and down by searching Google, The are hundred of answers, but at least I just don’t get well. I try in a free web builder, I change the settings here and there, and end up in a mess. I just couldn’t satisfy with the option of the settings that given, it is limited, no security feature to be set up, no customers and management for business email, finally it looks  unprofessional for a business page.

Until I had found Wealthy Affiliate, which is an online marketing team that provides the overall training. The founder walks through you along the course, provides the complete options and settings to your website, the classrooms for the training is simple and easy to understand, the live video classes are renewing every week, the topic given are practical examples “ Humanizing your brand  ”, “ Let’s built a landing page LIVE ”, “Take advantage of Seasonal event for niche ” and so on….


These hot topics are showing you how to start from top to  bottom. You can select whatever skill you want to learn first, or just follow the training. Free time management of your learning section, and Earn while you are learning. Cool, right?!!

For the security inside the Wealthy Affiliate, there are a “ninja”service that we don’t know. It’s a question brought up in the community in Wealthy Affiliate, about how to prevent spam on our website. The founder of Wealthy Affiliate Carson was the answer to it, actually there are a support team behind it to monitor the settings code every day.


They will delete the unusual code, enter into our website without we realize it. In order to maintain the security and keep our website running safely, the monitoring section is about the whole day, and able to take action in the first place to save our website from harm. This is a good new for all of us, especially for newbie and those are not really good at internet settings code. Are you relieved now when you read this??!

I am very happy when I know this, it’s mean I can focus and run my business without worrying the security being threatened. (One thing to mention to you, Wealthy Affiliate is the only system provided this service for its member for free. )

How you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free? You simply sign up and fill in the blank, write a greeting message to the community about Wealthy Affiliate or say something about you ~ You will find that the special about the culture of Wealthy Affiliate, it is so informative in there and the people are sharing their experiences and knowledge. Just feel the difference from yourself.

We need support to move forward continuously until success. Here is the group of people work and learn together to achieve their goal. You will feel the positive aura and consistency of energy to keep upgrading yourself while you see others keep on earning their first Batch of dollars 💰💰💰.


Most of the advices given are saying that just need to follow the training, one by one you learn, then you will get it one day. Learn the basic to stabilize your skill, then gradually you come out with your own idea and plan. If you have no idea what to do, just see what others do. See how others feel and how others succeed. These will be your key success.

Time is like a magic, It heals everyone of us, whether to fail or success, you still have a chance to try it over and over again, until you get what you want. Just don’t give up, imagine the treasure is almost there, but you stop digging after you try so long. Such a waste.

Please believe in yourself, do it with all your heart and soul, then it is difficult when you start, but it’s fine to fail, because you already know how to avoid and handle the mistakes. Your next move would be more powerful. Never try never know, do it for yourself!!!