Penang Tasty Chicken Rice Shop Ever 2018 – You Must Try It !

Kim Poh Roasted Chicken & Duck Rice Shop Review:


332-1,Ground Floor, Jalan Perak.

11600 Jelutung, Penang,


Tel:  +604-2810315

Business Hour: 8am – 9pm

Facebook: @KimPohChickenRice

Menu List:  Kim Poh Chicken & Duck Rice Shop Menu 

Delivery: Available for Penang area only. ( You can make pre-order as one day before, so they can make the delivery on time. Extra charges RM3 applied if order less then RM30. )

This is is one of my favourite chickenw rice shop. My husband and I came and having lunch here before Chinese New Year. Here are crowned with the people and surrounded by the smell of Roasted chicken and duck. You will know once you pass by here. The temptation is undefeatable!

I took a seat near the counter to watch over our car. It is hard to find a car park, so we just simply park along the roadside.We take the risks just for a short break to taste the chicken rice because the temptation is undefeatable!

We are being served in a short while. The waitress know what my husband want. He ordered Mix Chicken and ‘ Sio Bak’ , and I order Green Curry Chicken. The Green Curry Chicken is highly recommended by the waitress. It is one of the “Hot Sale” item~ And I had try, and I totally fall in love with it. It is very tasty! You can feel the fullness of the soup with the vegetables and the chicken once you place it into the mouth. Once again you had try it out, you will never stop the spoon and the mouth! Hey, it is serious! And I love it so much! No point to think about loss weight at this time. This is the leisure time for the short break. So, just go for it~


Cheers !!! ^.^ *

Another special about the chicken rice here, the chicken rice come with the soup.  Non like the others, usually it is just a plain soup with cabbage and chicken bone, but this one NO!

It is a herb soup cook with the chicken and black bean! How it taste? Do you want to know? Just come and try it yourself. No lied here. The soup if FREE, and it taste as good as it is! I recommended it to my friends surrounding, they all thumbs up while eating the Chicken rice and soup ~


I feel sastified watching them eating! Why ?!  😚


Let’s come back to the topic, the chicken & duck rice shop.

Overall, the food is definitely nice.

The services are good also. There are few stall inside the restaurant. Part of it is mean to serve dining in customers and another part is to serve take away customers. And the waiting time for food is short. We had our order deliver within 10 mins I think, even though it is full of customers. I like it, at least the boss has well managed the staff and operating system.

For the take away customers, I see they are determine enough to cue up in a long cue, and never give up to order the food. Haha, maybe this is the power of chicken & duck rice here. No resistance at all.

My mind is surrounded by the chicken rice. When I come back to work, I would like to eat it also. So, I had make a call for delivery.

According to the waitress, they are available for the delivery but limited to nearby Penang area. For the delivery, in order to delivery on time, you may place a pre-order one day before by calling them. Tel: +604-2810315. They offer FREE DELIVERY if order more then RM30. Extra charges RM3 for the delivery fee will charged to you if you have less order only. I feel that worth it also, as it help us to reduce the stress of looking for car park or petrol and energy to driving along, RM 3 can help us to solve the problems. 

I called for the delivery after I came back to work. I collected all the ordered from my friends, and we ordered the Green Curry Chicken also. The Green Curry Chicken is RM 7 and white rice is RM 1.20. Otherwise, the Roasted Chicken and Boiled Chicken rice is RM 4.70 only. And I requested the soup, and it is FREE ! I requested 9 pack of soups for everyone of us, and they give us 11 packs. Wao, I really love the service and I will continue to support it again. 

This is my experience with the Kim Poh Chicken & Duck Rice Shop.

Do you ever try it before?

How do you feel?

Do you have try others dishes also? There are other side dishes too. Can you let me know once you have try it out? Or share with me how is yours experience towards the Kim Poh Chicken & Duck Rice Shop?

Please leave a message to tell me more about it, I love to know more~

PS: I didn’t own the menu of the Kim Poh Chicken & Duck Rice Shop. I get the permission to copy down the menu for delivery purposes. I share it around, to give convenient for others food lover like me to make orders. The prices and pictures are belong to Kim Poh Chicken & Duck Rice Shop, any updates or changes of the menu, you may refer to the Kim Poh Chicken & Duck Rice Shop.

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