Terms and Conditions For Share and Win

The purpose of having this contest is to encourage people to share their idea about how you do towards the question given on the title during the specific period of time.


1. The contest will be held monthly : example:

Starting date: 1st Feb @ 12am

Closing date: 28 Feb @ 12am

Anouncement winner date: 28 January @ 9pm

Payout date: 1st Mar  @ 9pm


2.  To join the contest, you must complete the following task:

– Comment with helpful idea 💡

– Share the post to friends


3.  Brain4Cashes.com will decide the title of the contest and has the right to change the rules and regulation without notice to others.


4.  The payment method will go through PayPal only.


5.  After the announcements of the winner, there will be no more changes. You can find the list of winners in the announcement of winner. Brain4Cashes.com will contact you through email. The price will go to a second winner if the first winner didn’t reply in 3 days time from the announcement date.


6.  You are welcome to join the contest for unlimited time. For an active premiun Wealthy Affiliate member, the reward will be double up as a token of appreciation.


7.  To entitle for double reward, you have to meet the following criteria:


8.  Each contest only allows one entry. The multiple entry will be deleted without notice.

9. The payment will only sent out once only, the others request such as resent the payment will not be entertained.

10. To win the contest, you must have at least 10 votes of the “likes”.


The above statement is subject to copyright, please contact me if you got any questions.

email : support@Brain4Cashes.com