The secret of continuous blogging with quality content.

Are you a blogger? Or writer?

There is a time that sometimes we are thinking out of the juice, nothing to write anymore, or some just don’t know how to start, especially for the beginner.

It is simple actually.

Do you understand the law of writing? You will get it once you master it.


The answer is around us. Just that you can see it or not.


Before we start, let us review back what you study in the school.

Writing includes a process of the thoughts generated in the brain of what you see, read, hear, taste, smell, and feel. What you write is the end product of what you think. So, thinking or mindset is the main factor that affects the quality and quantity of writing. And, the sensation of the body organ is the main factor that triggers your thinking directly.


So, how to upgrade your thinking that makes you come out with the great idea and positive answer with the problems that bothers us.

1) Reading.

Fill yourself with the knowledge from the book, you may see the different world in a different perspective, and inspired by the others. Recently I found a book which is interesting, it is a story about the life and the health, I strongly agree with what he wrote, it is very inspiring, and I found a new meaning of life.


“As you nourish your body, so you nourish your mind”

– The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,

by Robin Sharma




2)  Watch TV, show, drama, anime, movie.

The media always bring message to the public. A wonderful presentation will give you a deep inspiration that affects you as well. We will remember well if we received the messages through the sensation of the body organ.

Dont look down on anime, it need more skill and hard work from the people also. And the story alway out of our imagination, it help you to think out of the box.

One of my favorite anime, an adventure story from a magic world, a boy with no magic but aim to be the Magic Emperor of the world, who surprised all of the people who undertook at him. It teaches me to never give up, even though you have nothing.


“My magic is never giving up!!! ”

– Black Cover, by Tabata Yuki


3) Wake up early morning.

One of the main characters of successful people is they wake up earlier before others do. Morning time is the time of our brain has been refresh after a long break. And without the stress and others disturbing you, this is the time your mind becomes more clear.

Grab the chance and do the important thing. I find it easier to come out with great ideas and I can write well in a short period of time. It is effective and it gives me a the feeling of satisfying.

You are one step ahead towards the goals once you make the move. I can even cook for the family, express the breast milk, and do my writing. How wonderful the life is.


“ Every treasure needs a price, you pay more, you earn more.” 



4) Socialize with great people.

Talk to the great one is more effective then you read. Their experience is always the weapon that makes them stand firm in their field. Listen to their sharing, if they are not around, look at their post in social media. It is always the easier way to learn from them indirectly.


“ It’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction.”

– Warren Edward Buffett


5) Read the quote.

Most of the quotes are simple but wonderful. It is a shortcut for you to be inspired and motivated. And there are book or website that provides the list of quoted. Feel free to look around and learn from the wisdom one.


“ I love those who can smile in trouble…”

The – Leonardo da Vinci


The example of the website with quotes:



6) Travel.

Nature is amazing. No matter where it is, it will always surprise you with the creature of the God.

Walk through it, feel the power of Nature. It makes our mind fresh and clear. It nourished the life with love, and peace our mind that stormed. Be heal under the power of God.

You may go to the seaside, waterfall, farm, jungle, or garden nearby if you didn’t make a trip to others place. The effect is almost the same, and sometimes I had a different thought or feeling each time I visit the same place.


Maldive, the beautiful sea view that you must go once in your life.


7) Practice more.

Practise make perfect. I was a beginner few month ago. To force myself to write, I feel stress and empty. Nothing to write, don’t know what to write. And I take time to make myself familiar and improve my writing with the help from the tools. I install apps to help me check the grammar and spelling, to minimise the error. I use Grammarly. But it can use when you are online only. No wifi, no service!


There are others tools also, you may search the grammar check online. But currently the Grammarly is the number one tool in the world.




8) Practice healthy lifestyle.

Our brain needs nutrition and oxygen to function well. A basic healthy lifestyle includes exercise, eat a balanced diet, and rest, which helps us to supply and deliver the needs for the brain and cells to work.

The brain and cells work well once the need is met. And you feel more energetic and strong for you to face the daily challenges.

If not, how do you write or think something if you feel tired and drowsy when the brain not even functions well.


“As you nourish your body, so you nourish your mind”

– The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,

by Robin Sharma


9) Be initiative.

Look and search around how to improve your writing and content. Always review your work and make a change if need. No one will push you like a teacher in the school to finish your homework anymore. No pay no gain. All is up to you now.


“ Initiative is doing the right thing without being told. ”

– Victor Hugo


10) Love what you do.

This is the important part of the topic. Do it with passion and love. Enjoy it and learn day by day. To get what you want, it is better to do it for long-term, that gives you more benefits.

Before you make a decision, ask yourself these questions:

Do I really want it this?

Can I able continue it for a long term?

What benefit for me if I do it or not?

Some people need a target or reason to fight for. You will have unlimited energy to move on once you got the unexcused reason.

For me, blogging will bring me income also. I need extra money, this is why I start writing.

How about you?

Do you recall why you are doing this?

Are you firm enough to stand for yourself to achieve your goal?


Good luck to you,

God bless you.